About Gary

Sex addiction is real. As someone familiar with addictions, I understand the desperation and desire to be free of your compulsion. I can show you a proven method to recover from sexual addiction and return to the life you were intended to live with integrity and serenity. Have you lost enough? Have you and your family suffered enough? Trying harder has led you to where you are now. Isn’t it time to try something better. If you are ready to follow a simple program to recovery, let me show you. I am here to help.

I am trained in the Patrick Carnes proven method of performable tasks to overcome sexual addiction. We use a combination of therapy, recovery groups, and traditional 12-step meetings to take you through the process of overcoming denial, obtaining sobriety, developing a recovery lifestyle, and maintaining your victory.

We can provide service in house or referrals for treatment with other trained professionals for your partner or other family members affected by your addictive behaviors. Contact me today to start back on the road to the life you know you were meant to lead and leave addiction behind.