Men’s Sexual Recovery Group – These small groups (limited to 6 or less) meet weekly with the therapist for 90 minutes. The combination of psychoeducation and a committed and supportive community atmosphere create an intimate bond that is essential to recovery. Extensive research by Patrick Carnes Ph.D. has shown that group therapy is the most commonly identified recovery tool for those experiencing sustained sobriety. A variety of times and locations are available.

Referral Services – I maintain a network of referral sources to support recovery for addicts, partners, families, and couples. This includes direct service providers and inpatient or outpatient treatment centers.

Assessments – While I do not perform assessment services for court or other legal entities, I routinely use evidence-based assessment tools to support understanding the disorder as well as plotting a more direct path to recovery; saving time and resources in the process.

Speaking – I am available to provide presentations and mini-workshops to groups, churches, organizations, or companies who would like more information. I will tailor my approach to meet your needs anywhere from a 20 minute talk to a weekend event.

Tele-Health – I utilize a HIPAA-compliant video service to enable providing services at a remote location. Legal restrictions and ethical requirements limit this practice to individuals who maintain a primary residence within the state of Washington. I require face-to-face meetings for initial set-up and assessment. This can be a useful addition to support clients who reside in Washington but travel frequently or for long periods of time.

Collateral literature – Along with workbooks, homework exercises, and other tools, I can suggest literature and workshops that support recovery for both addicts and partners.